Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I want my 100 million dollars too!

Actress/Party Goer/Drugged-Up lesbian Lindsay Lohan has filed a lawsuit against the online stock broker E*Trade for 100 millions dollars because of this Super Bowl commercial

Lohan claims that the "milkaholic" boy-chasing Lindsay is totally talking about her in the real life. Milkaholic = alcoholic and drug addict Lohan is, and been with boys in a discreet manner also applies to Ms Lohan.  Lohan says her name Lindsay is like other one name celebrities such as Madonna and Oprah.

I know Lohan is on crack, but is she really that high and dumb enough to think she's that influential in the pop culture? What's next? City of Paris suing Paris Hilton on been a slut and trashing the name? Brooklyn Decker gets sued by the Borough of Brooklyn for been married to Andy Roddick?

This is straight ignorant on her and her PR Team (that's if she has one)

Anyway, whenever I see Lindsay Lohan, I think about this this line by Kanye (now this is a 1 name star! and hopefully Lohan doesn't know the existence of this song or Kanye is in trouble), "I Dont Need No Hands, To Know Lindsey Lohan, On The Same Program As Britney, Is You Wit Me?"

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