Friday, April 16, 2010

The goats are baaaahk!

The goats are baaaahk!: "Last year, in our quest to minimize our carbon footprint (and keep people on their toes), we turned to an unlikely solution for mowing an overgrown field: goats. More than 200 goats from California Grazing have once again arrived at our Mountain View headquarters where they’ll stay for over a week chomping away on grassy goodness. The cost of bringing in the goats is comparable to hiring lawn mowers for the same job and the green benefits are clear: the goats eliminate mower emissions, reduce noise pollution, restore plant species and fertilize while grazing.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to be in the business of chèvre anytime soon, but in the meantime we’re having a lot of fun watching our new colleagues.

Posted by Dan Hoffman, Director of Real Estate and Workplace Services for NorCal, and Chief Goat Herder

Above is what Google did to their Campus in Nor Cal. To be more green, instead of hiring lawn mowers, they got goats to do the business. A very interesting way to help the planet I must say.

Does that mean I will be seeing more and more herds of cows and goats on the side of So Cal freeways eating away grass to prevent the annual Wild Fire Extravaganza??

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