Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do you, um... you know, know what verbal crutches are?

Have you ever noticed many people use the word fillers like "you know", "um", "like" and "so"? In the above clip, if the poster did not call out the excess use of "you know," would you have noticed that? All of these bridging words are all called VERBAL CRUTCHES.

I for one, is an offender of this terrible terrible verbal disease. In fact, I just talked to a Clipeprs ticket salesman, and during the conversation, I repeated said "you know." In my mind, I knew I was saying it, but it just felt so good that I could not stop. It's like when your mother put a cake on the counter, you KNOW you have to stick your finger in it to steal a bite.

Verbal Crutches has reached to a pandemic level and it has to stop before it becomes an epidemic, aka Swine Flu. I sound not only, on certain level, un-educated, and I do think this could be something major that will hinder my career when I give speeches to young'ns about somethings I will do down the line, such as me  becoming an astronaut or a stand up comedian.

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