Monday, March 1, 2010

The Barneys New York Warehouse Sale

I first heard about the "legendary" semi-annual Barney's Warehouse Sale a year ago while reading my neighborhood shopping blog RackedLA, and and since it was always held in the Santa Monica Airport, my lazy butt has never thought about venturing out that far to combat caffeinated people who are bargain shopping.  Furthermore, the good stuff are always gone after the 1st & 2nd day.  However, since last Summer, Barney's moved from their long time location to LA Convention Center, a 15 minutes drive from my place w/o traffic, and Lily and I went to the summer madness to do some treasure hunt.

This winter, the event is held again at the Convention Center of Downtown LA, and Miss Lily went on its first day at 7 AM to check out all the bags and shoes that tend to be gone within the first day, and you know what, most of the people dashed to the bag table and shove as much damaged but still pricey bags like the Kadashians needing the spotlight.  Since Lily is also shopping for me, I got numerous MMS regarding to nice and priced find.  Ultimately, this is the score card for us (even though I was stuck behind my office desk, but my personal stylist did a great job. Mad props, Lilyjan):

Scoreboard for Me:

- Helmut Lang hooded sweater
- Public School jacket

- Eugenia Kim wool cap for 75% off!
- Helmut Lang jeans for half off.

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